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Animated Atrocities S5 - Worst to Best.
*Note: Re-Animated is not on here yet because it's not out. So it's out of 29 instead of 30 for right now. This journal is not 100% done. It will still be edited in the future. Even some of the other entries on this list aren't fully done in terms of reasoning. If a reasoning is not complete, I'll have it say "*Incomplete.*" next to it. But in terms of rankings, they are complete. Minus Re-Animated. Which I'll put on once it's out. But I just wanted to release it now to you guys.*
Alright season 5! :D The BEST season of Animated Atrocities.
This will be the last time that I do this. Will I do it for season 6? Not really. Because at this rate that won't be done until next decade. (Early 2020 I'm betting.) And by then I probably might lose interest in the series who knows. 
Now this is where John's best reviews are at. This is where he took his job the most serious. And it's where that not only he had the most interesting thoughts, but the most interesting criticisms.
Now the bottom
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 4 1
I'm not keeping quiet anymore (Part 2)
Hey, guys. Welcome back to my discussion about the conduct of :iconthereviewer20:, already in progress. Read Part 1 Here: I'm not keeping quiet anymore (Part 1)
So where was I?
Right, the Journal about my rant on Toffee.
On January 14th, he released a breakdown of a rant I made in my Toffee collab with :iconraccoonbro: on his page. He took umbrage with my concluding rant on the climax of the episode and made some more very unflattering points about my work... One of his earliest points about my rant was...
NOTE: I haven’t watched Toffee yet. I wanted to go into this review as unbiased as I possibly could.
How is not seeing the episode unbiased, exactly? If the roles were reversed and if I were in your position, I'd watch the episode and compare what I find to what you found... When Dom said that he didn't see the episode, it sounds like he
:iconblackmoonpaladin:BlackMoonPaladin 15 30
I'm not keeping quiet anymore (Part 1)
My name is Aston Levy... aka, BlackMoonPaladin, and I am a reviewer on DeviantArt... I come to you with news... Serious news...
Over the past few weeks, I've been dealing with a certain Deviant on this site. On multiple occasions, I have butted heads with him over several things he said about me or did to me. And this Deviant, no matter how hard I reason with him, no matter how I protest, insists on ignoring my words and continues to cause problems with me and stir the pot within the community. This Deviant disrespects my words, this Deviant disrespects my work, this Deviant disrespects me as a person... and this person's actions have mystified me to this day.
And to be perfectly honest, I'm extremely uncomfortable around him... I no longer want to bottle up my problems with him, And I will not just let this person get away with the things that he says about me and other people.
Who is this person?
He calls himself :iconthereviewer20:
Dominic Morabito, or TheReviewer20, is a criti
:iconblackmoonpaladin:BlackMoonPaladin 13 2
Pink Lion, Purple Lion by RhodyTheGliscor Pink Lion, Purple Lion :iconrhodythegliscor:RhodyTheGliscor 29 3 Commission: Bouncing  Babies by BMAN44
Mature content
Commission: Bouncing Babies :iconbman44:BMAN44 86 3
Padded Minnie Mouse by EnderSpades
Mature content
Padded Minnie Mouse :iconenderspades:EnderSpades 12 1


Pipe Dreams was... well... s'alright... there's not a lot to it. A reasonable conflict with a decent in-joke with the plumbers having the names of the shows writing staff. 

Moving Bubble Bass was pretty good. A little light compared to last week's episode but it proves Bubble Bass works as an antagonist. Although it's basically just a rehash of Bucket Sweet Bucket.
Camp Camp is everything adult cartoons should strive to be. An appealing anrtstyle, fun characters, vulgar only when necessary, well-crafted jokes. I'm not saying it's essential or anything, but CampCamo proves you can have a cute and funny cartoon for adults.

It's in essence everything Allen Gregory should've been.
You'll be getting plenty of reviews in the future, I just gotta be motivated and have enough energy to do them.

This constant cold and not going outside but twice a week is getting fucking old.

2 shows I've been dying to get into are Ruby Gloom and Camp Camp. I have the desire to marathon both. Might give season overviews on these, might not. Any singlemepisode reveiw ideas are welcome. I think I'll really love green hair from Camp Camp and Misery from Ruby Gloom a lot.
Hey :iconecclytennysmithylove: did you actually WATCH MyPods and Boomsticks? I mean like really watch it? I dunno about reviewing it but I think it's alright. I don't think it's atrocious, but it's not the best even with good intentions. Still, nothing awful.

Homer's sudden paranoia towards Muslims is justifiable by his own idiocy and his friends manipulation. Homer is a moron and his attempts at being racist are so pathetic it's hysterical to me. At least before the nightmare and he gets worse.  Is it heavy handed? A little but I think it still got its message across very well.. Plus the MyPod plot was decent.

The second half is a bit much but I've seen worse. Plus the Aladdin nightmare was pretty funny. Homer's actions... not so much. Besides in Uh-Oh Canada Hank treated his neighbors much worse and only ever referred to them by their nationality like a racist under no such suspicions.

What I'm trying to say is: think differently... think differently... think differently...
The new Littlest Pet Shop show looks like trash... jus another thing for MLP reruns to overshadow... why even bother with new shows when this is clearly all you need to hold yourself up?
Just so you know :iconforeverevanescent: blocked me because of a misunderstanding. He think I'm not even trying to change because of my so-called "obsession" with Mr. Enter.

You all knew I was gonna grade season 5 right? I tried being as fair and honest without being rude as possible. Maybe a little funny, but nowhere near the dick I've bee not in the past. I tell him I'm trying to change, then post the season 5 overview and he throws a tantrum like I spat in Mr. Enters Mouth!

You can never please anyone... fuck he even miscontextualized my status post in regards to No Such Luck thinking I'm bashing the guy!
Woah... we just went from the day Krabs fries to the day Crocker cries...
Hey :iconthecrimsonmayhem: I hate to tell you this but... Stephen Hawking was never actually in The Fairly Oddparents. That was Dee Bradley Baker voicing a caricture of him... still, it was a nice joke.
While I am excepted for Cartoon Network's 2018 lineup I will not forget they haven't treated their shows well since Stuart Snyder stepped down.

Theres an unbelievably high chance shows like Victor and Valentino and Craig of the Creek will be ignored like OK KO and everything else as been on the network.

If you wanna give these shows viewership love your best bet is to watch them legally on the app. That's why hat I'm doing weeks in advance for Craig of the Creek and everything else now.
So I heard Deviantart is having some trouble today... I think I'm just gonna break today and see how it's holding up. Those reviews are still coming, but I want updates on now things are.
Ok so goals for my birthday which might carry into after it:

Review The Loud House episode Frog Wild for it's 1 year anniversary. Seriously that episode is still one of the best best in the show.

Review The Simpsons episode They Saved Lisa's Brain in honor of Stephen Hawking. Possibly check out those Big Bang Theory episodes with him.

Finsh up reviews I have on the back burner when I have the time.
Stephen Hawking... you were one of the most brilliant minds of our entire human history... you were proof that the body's physical status shouldn't limit you from doing amazing things! Practically vegetative and yet able to unlock the secrets of the universe!

I only hope that whatever lies beyond this mortal plain that you know peace and freedom from what ailed you. I hope that for all of us...

Rest in Peace Stephen William Hawking (1942-2018).
One of my next reviews is a compaison on King of the Hill's Uh-Oh Canada and the American Dad episode Homeland Insecurity. I think I can go a bit Moreno in-depth than Mr. Enter didn't with it all those years ago since it really did sound like he was trying to be offended for his audience.
For the record I never had a problem with No Such Luck like... at all... I don't think it's a very good episode but it's nothing to get upset about.

When Mr. Enter doesn't throw a fit over something and calls it alright you know you're overreacting; then again even if he did you'd be overreacting.
The Switch getting so many ports isn't a porblem I have. It's real issue comes from if these ports will actually perform well at all!

Joshua was bad enough, but Dr. Wolf uploading these D&D sessions with ToonKritic still in them is deplorable even though Josh said they wouldn't be uploaded! Either way they're both fucking liars and don't seem to care about ToonKritic being a pedophile! For fuck sake the latest part is called THE ALPHA PREDATOR!

What you can do to help is go onto both their channels, dislike those videos, flag them for hateful and abusive content, CALL THEM OUT ON THIS BULLSHIT AND DON'T LET UP!
Finally got to the King Piccolo saga in my Dragon Ball marathon. There's a reason this is the best Saga in the entire franchise.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Copied from :iconrdj1995:

Listen up, people! Look I know we're down. But I've been in any situation many times before as we are. We can still win this thing. Its not over with. We gotta come together as one. We gotta believe in ourselves. We can still have time to save the internet before April 23rd and I'am not gonna let any predictions and bad news get to me. Because it makes me sad and think about leaving Deviantart for good. Sad Angel 

I'm not gonna let that happen to me. I love you all. Sad Hug Extended Sad..Sad..Onion Hug 

I didn't get dragged down, and I ain't going out like that. We're not going to let them push us around! Pearl Emote 40 Raichu Spark 

And :iconserpanade-toons:, everyone likes your art on this site, including me. If we didn't get that vote, please don't you ever delete all the pics, including some pics that you did for me. Because we got our hopes and dreams, so let keep it up. 

And as for the rest of all of you, take a good look at these links:……………………………

Because, as we know, Ajit Pai is undergoing investigation and facing lawsuits, which means we are going to get the last vote to save the internet freedom for the future. If we don't there's no future for all of us, including me. But, don't worry, 27 states are creating their own net neutrality laws, including ours. yes GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! Tom YES Bison (Yes) [V2] 

If we lost, there's no need to cry, vent or have a rant about it. Elsa Knows 

Here's the link to the petition to sign and spread it around:…………

For those who have cash or not, please chip in money to save net neutrality in the link here:…

And for those you who can call the representatives and senators, Whenever you do, Introduce yourself, be polite, and say: "I know were down to last vote to save the internet, and let me say this: I support the *existing* Title II net neutrality rules and I would like you to *publicly oppose* the FCC’s vote to repeal them. Because the fate of the internet freedom is in our hands."

I don't care how President Trump’s FCC chairman wants to gut net neutrality, Were standing up to that demon chairman! We will teach him and Donald Trump that they're messing with the wrong media. I swear by those before us, we will not fall! Not on our watch! And remember, Have faith, Have hope, never give up the fight and don't you ever lose our confidence! 

Reminder: Don't spam anyone that you know on this site.

Now, spread this journal around and Let's go save our net freedom!!!!Chihaya Yes Icon Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] Lucy - Ending 17 Rin okumura (Thumbs up) 

#freedomtobrowse #DeviantArtForever #savetheinternet #savenetneutrality#fightfornetneutrality #StandWithTheInternet


EDIT 1: Sign it and Spread it! (…)
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