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I think now is the time for some creepy cartoon reviews! One that I've wanted to check out is The Ringing Bell... an anime film that seems Tom go under the radar. I think Kirby Right Back At Ya homages it once that time Sheep nearly destroyed Cappy Town.
Ok, I almost have Dr Kahl figured out. I can reach the final phase 75% of the time now but sometimes it gets tricky.

From the start fire at the antenna on the robot side head, then, when he releases the yellow beam go for the bottom section and fire at the biplanes he releases. Repeat until both are destroyed then hammer away at the chest and heart avoiding the arms, going into mini mode when the magnet is released. It's very important you have the coffee charm equipped for increased Super energy because that's necessary for the second phase. You can't use the smoke bomb while in a plane... and I doubt the loss of power for extra hearts is very welcome...

Second phase avoid the head while firing at it when it ascends, avoid the bombs and going mini when they corner you to go around them.

Before Dr. Kahl starts laughing with his Gem attack unleash your ultimate Super if you have it. If not, fire everything at once. Pray for mercy or a quick death because I haven't beaten this yet.

DO NOT use the bombs because going in close is way too risky and reckless! Atempting as it is to destroy the torso and bottom at the same time, DON'T! It's hard enough avoiding the yellow nuts and bolts along with the skull bombs, bombs and arms are almost impossible to defeat!
One of the only things to legitimately scare me from Courage the Cowardly Dog was the violin girl... and to this day I find the claymation of that scene very effective. Like a raging, possessed Helga Pataki!
As good as DuckTales!2017 is I wish Disney would air the episodes in the right order... they seem to only care about the nephews and wanna air as many of those as the shows surpsigly tight continuity will allow without really dveloping much. Poor Huey... his episode's just gonna have have to wait a bit longer... I mean, Scrooge IS voiced by the best Dr. Who now, give the guy the focus he needs!

I just hope this show doesn't get viciously fucked like Disney does with just about everything else for more Walk the Prank or whatever Live Action trash they're pushing now...

The sea watches us quietly, guiding us through our death and our birth.

From humble hometown waters, to the waves at the end of the earth.

The sea carries us carefully, through the dark of night and light of day, to the world that's just and peaceful, so that we never lose our way.

All our pain and suffering, it swallows up in its warm embrace, so knowingly and gently, washes them all away.

The sea watches us quietly, guiding us through our death and our birth.

From humble hometown waters, to the waves at the end of the earth.

All our pain and suffering, it swallows up in its warm embrace, so knowingly and gently, washes them all away.

There will come a day, I'm sure, when I must heed its solemn call, and walk side by side with my old friends, resting in its foamy waters.

Am I the only one who realizes Prof. E. Gadd's voice bits are just Kazumi Totaka saying random Japanese stuff? Because that's awesome.
I think the line "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" perfectly sums up Cuphead. Because I've lost hope entirely playing this game, specifically against Dr. Kahl. I can take getting beaten by Phantom Express but it's like he was built as the ACTUAL FINAL BOSS! To those who have bested him in Regular Mode I ENVY THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!

With every other boss I feel like I've always made some progress with each loss and learned from every defeat. But Dr. Kahl... every loss makes me feel like I get further and further away from victory! I can count how many times I've gotten to the last phase on one hand!

Thats it, ain't it? The Devil isn't the final challenge, it's Dr. Kahl! It make SO MUCH SENSE! Science has triumphed over the fallen angel! Dr. Kahl isn't the the true devil, he's a GOD! May his taunting laugher and seizure-inducing chaos emerald blasts haunt your nightmares to make you happy to be awake...


Insanity aside I do love this game and it's characters. If for nothing else than for arts sake and a good challenge. I just think it could stand some patches as I previously posted.
I'm gonna be reviewing both The Legend of Bookini Bottom and Tricked after they air sometime this weekend. Maybe even tonight alongside a Friday the 13th comparison! I actually forgot what today was honestly, I've had some pretty damn good luck!
I almost have Phantom Express beat. Just gotta beat that last stage... FUCK Pumpkins... use Horseshoe and Spread Shot for best results.
Just a reminder that Justice Legaue Action got a half-season DVD set this week. Please buy it so this show has a chance to live... give it the shot DC and Warner Brothers won't!
I should really review more movies...
Wait a sec... there's a Lassie cartoon?:

Yup, they actually made a Lassie cartoon... I didn't think something like that even existed... it feels like one of those weird spinoff cartoons from the 90s like what they did with Free Willy or The Neverending Story. Strangely, this isn't the first of its kind... Filmation made one back in 1972, which would explain why no one knows about it. Hell, Lassie even got an anime back in 1996!
Thoughts on Inkwell Isle 3 in Cuphead:

Captain Brineybeard should've been a boss on Isle 1 swapping out Ribby and Croaks. His patterns are probably the easiest to figure out besides the first few bosses. Plus Ribby and Croaks near the end of their fight are extremely difficult if you dunno what you're doing.

Whoever designed Dr. Kahl and his robot's boss fight can eat my nuts and bolts! This makes me honestly LOATHE the idea of seeing Ready Player One; A movie I was rather excited to see! I won't be watching The Iron Giant again anytime soon either... I still can't beat this guy or Phantom Express!

Sally Stageplay is my favorite character, has the best overall battle and is my 2nd-tier waifu in my Cuphead Harem. Rumor Honeybottoms is a bitch with a capital Bee and is at the bottom! Cala Maria is built on randomness at first but her 2nd and 3rd phases are actually really easy when you get them down.

You don't even need to parry the springs in Werner Werman's fight if you have the Smoke Bomb. Even knowing the twist I have to say that was a fun battle!

The giant troll at the end of Rugged Ridge sums up this game and the Run 'n Gun Bullet Hell genre perfectly. I will always hate sidescrolling levels and this one actively TROLLS YOU with where its coins are! 
For those curious my next review is an Admirable Live Action on the Goosebumps 2-parter Attack of The Mutant. Not just for the Halloween season but as a tribute to the late Adam West
I did it... I FINALLY BEAT GRIM MATCHSTICK! And it only took my death toll up to 94 to reach this point!
I've decided, I'm gonna give Big Mouth another chance. I've heard it actually gets less vulgar than what I saw as it goes on so I wanna see if it has any worth beyond big dicks. Like Enter said this is a show that highly depends on who you are on whether you find it good or bad. If Phantom-Strider gave it a chance I might as well.

Little trivia, it was my teenage years where I discovered my fetishes; after all Totally Spies premiered at the same time. At the same time I was a very quiet kid who thought that people would laugh at him for still liking cartoons so I had to hide the real me in fear all this time. And you know about when I was homecoming king from my Run Chris Run review... in a way yes, I'd rather forget my teenage years, but atnthe same time the show is like some weird forbidden fruit. 
Little tip for fighting Wally Warbles: stay at the left side of the screen when he fires his eggs and duck or go over them. Don't try to dodge the shells. Also, during his feather frenzy the shrink mode is your friend. After that? Pray for mercy.
Hmmm Soul Eater seems like the perfect series to review now. But what episodes should I tackle? The Gaoooo episode for sure, but what else?
I just saw the My Little Pony a movie and... I honestly don't know what to think. I legitimately don't know whether I like or hate this movie...



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I FINALLY BEAT DR. KAHL! WOOOOOOO!!!!! Allow me to regail you with the fruits of my ultimate victory:

After so many fucking battles I finally got my wits together and mustered up a strategy to take down the purple-haired freak and his Iron Giant. I aimed to take out the head first, once he fires that fakeout laser I SWERVED into mini-mode and fired at his dick-hatch and them little planes! Repeated that until both went kerplunk and then aimed for the heart! Through some stealthy maneuvers I managed to blow his lid off! But then it gets harder...

I managed to take out the head just nearly by the skin of my ass not sustaining damage but then: AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I got them DAMN CHAOS EMERALD BLASTS up mah ass! I got hit really fucking bad really quick! But I didn't let up my firing and remembered to blast him with the mini-bomb supers as I went along. I was barely able to hit him enough whilst barely alive!

I thought I was a dead man... technically by all rights I should be with how the victory went down... my fight with Dr. Kahl ended in a draw. I took him down at the VERY LAST MOMENT RIGHT AS THE METAL BLOCKADE HIT ME! I doubt even The Devil himself could give me a more satisfying battle! But now... with only 2 stages to go I think I can avtuslly beat this game!
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